Google – Take that Trogdor… and illegal loggers

So Copenhagen… no not the dip you hick… the place, the summit, the mecca of all things Green has just seen Google unveil *drum roll* a deforestation tracking tool *crickets*.

Ok, so you have no use for it… but, emerging industrial countries that need a way of tracking the damage they’re doing (or illegal logging/stripping facilities… or even a mythical dragon that is consistently burninating the country side… TROGDOOOOOOOOOOOOR!) will find this very useful.

Utilizing currently available satellite imagery and a bit of the modern magic we call science, this tool enables the view of current deforestation, old deforestation, and the natural degradation that occurs as a result.

More @ earth2tech


The Google Chrome Team is RIIIIIIICH (biatch)!

So what’s it like working for big daddy Google? ¬†Well, today would be a good day to ask the Google Chrome development team as they’ve just received one of Google’s most auspicious perks — The Founder’s Award.

The Founder’s Award is a multi-million dollar stock benefits package awarded to teams who have really brought Google some innovation points in their specific market.

It’s amazing to see them giving this out and proof that recent claims by Google that the recession is pretty much done affecting their business strategies for the time being.

Suppose we’ll start seeing more jobs out of the Mountain View office here soon.

You can read more at the official Google Blog (and hey, you know it’s official b/c it’s right in the title… “OFFICIAL”) –