I’m going nuts…

So I work for a company that manages off-site management networks.  We’re currently replacing a large batch of hardware/software deployments — coming up into the age of virtualization (read: getting rid of Dell 660’s that some assjack called servers to save a buck).

We’re putting PowerEdge 1950’s and 2950’s out there now.  Complete with an ESXi 4.0 load (I’m guessing the same assjack is responsible for going the free licensing route on this) and a virtual container for every physical machine that was previously deployed.

“Ash, man, that sounds awesome… sounds like it’s right up your alley… you know, all that tinkering with VMWare and access to regular RHEL 5 troubleshooting.”

Yeah…. f#$% you.  These SysAdmins are the bane of my existence.  I mean these bitchy little prima donnas do things on the kind of timeline that makes me look like a hard worker (What can I say, I take “work smarter, not harder” to an extreme).  For those of you that don’t know exactly how slow that is, let me demonstrate with a real world and all-too-frequent example.

It’s crucial to note that the following is not an exaggeration:

  • 10/15/09 — Server shipped overnight
  • 10/16/09 — Server received and SIGNED FOR BY SYSADMIN
  • ??/??/?? — Server unboxed
  • ??/??/?? — Server racked
  • ??/??/?? — Firewall rules put in place
  • ??/??/?? — New VPN security group added

“Ash, there’s no way!”  Yeah, yeah apparently there is and these employed-by-our-company-but-gone-native lazy asses are keeping me from doing my job.  You know what I do at work all day?!?!?!  Twitter.  F%^&ING TWITTER.  GAH!!!!!!!!

Well, that’s not entirely true… I spend most of my week reattempting to connect and calling these useless piles of carbon every day so that I can access the servers and actually work my magic.  Though, I suppose it has given me more time to finish learning/implementing my SQL/PHP/AJAX project for the division opening up… and well, you know, get this site off the ground finally.

I swear my job is a real-world example of denotatively demonstrating insanity.