Is it really that green if it costs so much… well, green?!

Volkswagen is showing off their new XL1 prototype at the Qatar Motor Show, is it a step towards the future, or a really expensive green status symbol?

Volkswagen XL1 Prototype - All conceptual-like


  1. 260 MPG
  2. Will go into production
  3. Only 100 will be manufactured, primarily for German buyers

With only 100 being manufactured, the market being limited to Western Europe, and the concept style of the design, I believe it’s safe to assume that this vehicle will cost an arm, a leg, and a small-medium sized orphan.

This being said, is this really a push in the right direction or does it set the stage for the truly eco-conscious to be truly out of reach for years to come?

Read more over at Gizmodo.

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Google – Take that Trogdor… and illegal loggers

So Copenhagen… no not the dip you hick… the place, the summit, the mecca of all things Green has just seen Google unveil *drum roll* a deforestation tracking tool *crickets*.

Ok, so you have no use for it… but, emerging industrial countries that need a way of tracking the damage they’re doing (or illegal logging/stripping facilities… or even a mythical dragon that is consistently burninating the country side… TROGDOOOOOOOOOOOOR!) will find this very useful.

Utilizing currently available satellite imagery and a bit of the modern magic we call science, this tool enables the view of current deforestation, old deforestation, and the natural degradation that occurs as a result.

More @ earth2tech

Sony Ericsson gives reason to consider current Wishlist a rough-draft

First there was DROID, and it was good.  Then Sony Ericsson came along and said “Eff that noise, check this out!” and I went “omfg, I think I just creamed my panties!”

If you know anything about anything (and I do) then you know Android 2.0 phones have been rocking the house.

These glorious devices are sleek, sexy, and jam-packed with features.

The Motorola DROID for Verizon made its debut recently and really threw all the gadget reviewers for a loop — it’s Motorola’s first “worth a damn” phone in a long time.  So everyone, of course, got excited and ran out to buy it. But now the other 20+ phones are hitting the market and it’s a site to behold.

So what is it I’m ranting and raving about?? Why, the XPERIA of course.  Here’s a lowdown on the features:

  • 8.1 MP Camera
  • Bluetooth Stereo (Supports MP3/AAC)
  • Twitter/Facebook/Gmail/etc
  • Gesture support (implying multi-touch)

Two videos below, courtesy of Engadget

The Google Chrome Team is RIIIIIIICH (biatch)!

So what’s it like working for big daddy Google?  Well, today would be a good day to ask the Google Chrome development team as they’ve just received one of Google’s most auspicious perks — The Founder’s Award.

The Founder’s Award is a multi-million dollar stock benefits package awarded to teams who have really brought Google some innovation points in their specific market.

It’s amazing to see them giving this out and proof that recent claims by Google that the recession is pretty much done affecting their business strategies for the time being.

Suppose we’ll start seeing more jobs out of the Mountain View office here soon.

You can read more at the official Google Blog (and hey, you know it’s official b/c it’s right in the title… “OFFICIAL”) –

Adobe to Apple “Ohhellnoyoumuthaf#%&indidnt!!!!”

Adobe to Apple, "Ohhellnoyoumuthaf#$%indidnt!!!!"

To add to the “Steve Jobs is a fool” theme for today… So… you know how you can’t do *ANYTHING* flash related on the iPhone and the iPod touch?  Well, there’s a reason for that, it’s Apple’s fault (I know, I know… I’m not surprised either).

Adobe has been trying to beg Apple to let them in on a Non-disclosure Agreement to get a better look at developing for the devices so they can port Adobe Flash Player to them.  Apple has refused.  So Adobe figured they’d try a more “we’ll just let your customers know this is your fault directly until you agree” approach:

“Flash Player not available for your device. Apple restricts use of tecnologies required by products like Flash Player. Until Apple eliminates these restrictions, Adobe cannot provide Flash Player for the iPhone or iPod touch.”

Honestly?  10 points Adobe.  Now if it’ll only work.

Read more @

Now, you too can “Pee-Own” faces!

Funny little jab at the concept of Wii FPS over at Gizmodo.  NSFW due to the section about trash talking.

Rise in E-reading apps on iPhone make fool of Steve Jobs (like that’s hard)

Remember when the Kindle came out and everyone stared at Apple… Apple remained silent.  Then the Nook debuted and everyone began glaring and begging the question “Ummm, you guys gonna work your magic on this?!”.

Of course you do.  But do you remember Steve Job’s reply?

“It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don’t read anymore… The whole conception is flawed at the top because people don’t read anymore.”

This was Steve’s reasoning behind not getting apple involved in the E-book business, even though it’s still reported that a tablet style reader is being created behind-the-scenes.  So exactly how gratifying is it to watch the Style-nazi not only “supposedly” be dead wrong but actually have one of his own products make a fool out of him?  Pretty damn gratifying.

Gigaom is posting that the iPhone book apps have OUTDONE the games for a little over the month.  Hey, maybe Apple doesn’t need to build that tablet anyways?

Btw, Jobs… pwnt… by your own product… in the face… hard. (and btw, we still read, we  just wouldn’t know proper grammar if it had an accelerometer and slick LCD screen and jerked us in a back alley-way).

More at Gigaom –