Tobacco’s last strike

As anyone who knows me is aware, I quit smoking on December 31st, 2010.

That’s right, it’s been a month, yay me 😀

However… nobody told me about cilium (pl. cilia) and the need for this organelle to grow back post-quitting.

“Shutup Ashley you’re getting all sciency on me”.  Let me explain:

Cilia take care of getting nastiness out of your lungs/sinuses… your upper respiratory system as a whole.  When you smoke, your cigs overpower the little fibre’s and they die Wicked Witch of the West style.  However, when you quit, the little SOBs regenerate (+10 to constitution cilia, well rolled).

Should be awesome right?  NO!  You’ve got millions of these little things growing back at the same time and it causes one giant upper-respiratory aggitation.

As a result, I’ve spent the last week sick and unable to work-out, unwilling (but usually still devoted) to cook healthy food for myself… basically it’s just been a buzz-kill.

Yes, I know, I’m whining, it’s my blog, not yours, go away 😉

Regardless, I’m coping, I hope the worst of it is done and over with in time for my birthday (Feb 6th).

Also, if anyone wants to get me something awesome… well an Android 3.0 tablet or an iPad2 (I know, neither is out yet, I’ll wait) would be badass 😀 #delusionsofgrandeur

That is all, now get out of here 🙂

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New sex toy makes you think of Easter… Oooh I’m going to hell for that

Form 2 released a new sex toy that actually gives you a reason to call it a rabbit. I’d go on to explain why, but pictures are worth a thousand words:

C’mon now, I can’t be the only one that thinks it looks like the chocolate easter bunny heads:

So wait… does that mean the easter bunny has been coming onto me all this time??!  Dude, isn’t the Easter Bunny my mom?! *throws up in mouth*

So while I scrub my brain with bleach, check out more @ Gizmodo

So which Droids are *you* looking for?

I’m curious to find out exactly which Android phones everyone’s waiting on. After all, I’m sure my list of which ones are due to hit the market is fairly slim compared to the collective info all the readers have.

So which droid are you waiting on and why? Leave a comment 🙂

Terminator to get a new daddy (or mommy)

The Terminator franchise is reportedly being sold… AGAIN. Halcyon bought it some time ago but now they’re in a pissing contest with the hedge fund that loaned them the money and blah blah blah. So basically, someone else (maybe) will be collecting royalties on everything Terminator but the first two movies (you know, that ones that didn’t suck… as much).

This follows up right after everyone’s favorite little Heroes in half-shells were discarded for $60 million. Hey, they traveled through time too.. maybe that’s the link… Watch out Back to the Future/Highlander/<insert time travelling movie here>.

You can

Now, you too can “Pee-Own” faces!

Funny little jab at the concept of Wii FPS over at Gizmodo.  NSFW due to the section about trash talking.