About Me

Growing up the son of a Middle-class American Timeshare salesman usually doesn’t make one amount to much.  Be that as it may, my family was whisked off to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and we were there for 7 years.  Why is that important?  Because it kept me from growing up as a redneck bent on homophobia and racism.  Being the minority really gave me a bit of a different outlook on life.

The rest of the story involves a series of screw-ups and near-death experiences, but at the end of the day… this is what’s left:

  • I’m a single father.
  • I’m in my middish-late 20’s.
  • I’m an IT slave.
  • I believe in the art of assjackedness/douchebagery/etc.
  • I’m opinionated and often mistaken to be arrogant.
  • I know the difference between arrogance and confidence in one’s abilities (even if you don’t).

So read along little one, love me, hate me, think it’d be funny if I was castrated by a result of my own stupidity… doesn’t really matter so long as you take a thought from what I have to say.

And remember, if you haven’t learned how to be yourself yet… you’re failing at life.  EPIC FAIL.


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