Anthony Hopkins brings The Rite to the big boy table

So I thought I was being suckered into going to see this movie.  But, meh, it was Saturday night and there was beer afterward so I left with a contented yet disdainful look on my face.

After arrival, trailers, and coming within a hair’s breadth of personally throwing 4 teenagers out of the theater for treating it like their own American Idol audition screening, the movie started… very slowly.

Yet, the pace of the story is like a good braise, using slowly unraveling levels to explain the protagonist’s (Colin O’Donoghue as Michael Kovak) past.  The audience discovers how truly entwined Michael is with the supernatural happenings of the film, suggesting a pre-destination feel (e.g. Destiny ordained by God, executed by the Devil himself to ensure the correct path is chosen).

Anthony Hopkins’ character, Father Lucas, feels a little paper-dollish, but superb acting and character choices quickly pull your mind to what’s going on with Lucas in the here-and-now, completely obliterating any hope for a deeper character development.  Anthony Hopkins just == win like that.

I won’t get deep into the story line, it’s based on real events… or rather, based on a 2009 non-fiction book by Matt Baglio (which is referenced as a magazine article in the movie).

Point being, its definitely worth it… the meat of the film takes place in the last 30 minutes, getting to see Hopkins act out a complete takeover by demonic forces is truly something else.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t say that if you can wait, you shouldn’t… seeing it on the big screen vs. dvd/blu-ray release will not make or break your day/life/what-have-you.

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