AshYoungblood v2.0

2011?! I’m turning 28 this year. I don’t have the freak-out mode that I normally do. That isn’t to say that my typical “Things have to change this year!” didn’t occur, I just happened to follow through this year.

I’ve quit smoking – I’m at 29 days.
I workout between 2-6 times a week and am trying to stabilize closer to 6.
I’ve changed my eating habits (not diet, never diet).

I have become really interested in what I’m doing DURING my life. This distinction is epically important.
Most people worry about what they’re doing WITH their life… I’ve pretty much got that figured out. I’m progressing my career towards becoming a Senior Engineer and possibly an Architect with a focus on Project Management/Lead.

But what am I doing DURING my life? I’m a single father, I’m nearly 28, and I hardly ever do anything. I know of nothing fun in the surrounding area and most of my friends are married or have moved to different locations.

So I’ve decided to do something about that too. I’ve recruited a handful of people that I know lead far more interesting lives than my own and I’m making them mentor me. I *refuse* (especially with how much better I look and feel with all the other life changes) to be a wallflower.

So, stay tuned. This blog is being re-purposed to an accurate accounting of my life. This includes aspirations, fears, short-comings, failures, dreams, conquests – professionally and personally.

I doubt many will be interested – I just play an egotistical prick on TV 😉 But, for those of you that are, stay tuned.

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